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Green Metal Consulting, Inc.


Green Metal Consulting, Inc. can help you maneuver through the maze of sustainable building initiatives and public policies to position your company and your products at the forefront of the green building construction market.

The field of sustainable building design is definitively gaining momentum. As it grows, the number of initiatives, certification programs, codes, standards, legislative activities, and incentives also grow in number and complexity.

Energy-efficient metal roofing and wall systems used in the building envelope have many features that contribute toward a sustainable building design. We'd be happy to partner with you to show how metal in construction is a green product contributing to the various green building initiatives, regulations and legislation. We can assist you in the integration of metal roofing with renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics, solar water heating, solar heat recovery, and rooftop wind energy. Our firm can also provide advice on rainwater harvesting systems integrated into a metal roof design to improve the water efficiency of a green building project.

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