Green Metal Consulting, Inc.
Green Metal Consulting, Inc.
Green Metal Consulting, Inc. offers our partners the following professional services:
  • Education on energy-efficient building practices, with an emphasis on the performance of metal roof and wall assemblies
  • Providing information on green building certification programs, ecolabeling programs, validation and verification services, regulations and legislation related to energy efficient buildings, and incentive programs.
  • Assisting in the development of marketing plans and strategies
  • Training for management, sales, marketing and technical personnel
  • Technical writing of Bulletins, white papers, and other documents
  • Website content development
  • Product development assistance, including coordination of testing or research at national or independent laboratories
  • Technical consultation on coatings, cool roofing, wall issues and energy efficiency of building envelope
  • Speaking at industry functions
  • Company representation at industry events
Scott Kriner is a co-author of the 2007 Cool Metal Roofing Forum publication that was sponsored by BASF Corporation and ARKEMA, and published by Modern Trade Communications. A pdf of the publication can be found on Modern Trade Communication's websites for their individual magazines: (,

He has authored dozens of articles and columns on the subjects of cool metal roofing, cool walls, and green building construction practices.

Scott Kriner and Building Design and Construction magazine developed a webcast on Cool Metal Roofing that is part of the archived 2007 BD&C University Roofing Outlook+ Fair presentations. To register and see the webcast, visit (

Check out Scott's monthly column at on a variety of cool metal roofing and green building issues.

An example of the type of presentations that Green Metal Consulting, Inc. can develop is shown at the link below. It describes the key drivers in the green building construction market.


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